Psychological analysis : how to make money, outsmart the market, & join the smart money circle

Psychological analysis : how to make money, outsmart the market, & join the smart money circle /Adam Sarhan

Beat the market by using Psychological Analysis for investing and trading under any conditions

Conventional wisdom tells us that people are rational and make rational decisions with their money. But that’s simply not true considering most people fail to beat the market. Conventional wisdom also tells us that there are two primary ways to approach the market: technical and fundamental analysis. Again, that is not true because if it were―everyone would be rich. Think about it, how many times have you seen stocks with poor fundamentals go up, or stocks with great technicals go down? It’s obvious that something is missing. Author Adam Sarhan, Founder and CEO of 50 Park Investments, developed a new approach, titled, Psychological Analysis (PA). Coined by the author, the term teaches you how to make rational, not emotional, decisions with your money and shows you how to analyze both the individual and collective market mindset at a particular time based on the behavior and decision-making of people in the real-world. Psychological Analysis is designed to tip the odds of success in your favor.

After studying every major economic and market cycle going back to the 3rd century, the author explains that human nature is the one constant and tells you what actually drives markets. Psychological Analysis is responsible for major and minor market moves today, tomorrow, and all throughout history. Adam shows you that there are more factors that influence price than just fundamental or technical analysis and how to bring out the smart money superhero inside you. This invaluable guide helps you:

  • Make rational, not emotional, decisions with your money―especially when you are under pressure
  • Understand the psyche of the market so you can learn how to join the Smart Money Circle and consistently take money out
  • Generate above average returns in all market environments
  • Incorporate Psychological Analysis into your overall trading and investing strategy so you can make smarter decisions on and off Wall Street
    Psychological Analysis: How to Outsmart the Market One Trade at a Time is a must-have resource for traders, investors, finance professionals, and anyone who wants to profit regardless of market conditions.

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