Design thinking : a forefront insight

Design thinking : a forefront insight / Edited by Kaushik Kumar and Muralidhar Kurni.

Design thinking : a forefront insight

Design thinking is a ground-breaking problem solving process which combines logic, intuition, and systematic reasoning to develop long-term solutions to common engineering challenges and to inspire innovation. Serving as an introduction to the concept as well as a reference point, the book is essential reading for all engineers.

Following a design thinking approach itself to structure its contents, this book is a key introduction to the process, providing case studies to demonstrate the multiple practical uses of the method. Relevant to sectors such as software development, Mobile App Development, sustainability and Artificial Intelligence, the book has a wide range of applications. The inclusion of a tools section to focus in on popular apps and software aids the reader in practically using the design thinking method. It ends by looking forward to the future prospects of design thinking, and the innovations which it can inspire.

The book will be of interest to engineers of all professions, including design and management.

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