Urban greening techniques : an introduction

Urban greening techniques : an introduction /Tan Chun Liang

What is the best way to design with greenery? What are the benefits of selecting one species of tree over another, and placing it at Point A instead of Point B? Will it cost more than the benefits it provides? If you have ever asked these questions, this book is for you. Greenery is an integral part of the sustainable planning and design ethos. Besides beautifying the environment, it can also help alleviate adverse impacts of urbanisation such as the Urban Heat Island effect. This book provides an introduction to the various technologies and techniques that facilitate the urban greening process. Each chapter introduces the concept of urban greenery at different scales (city, precinct and plant), as well as relevant methods and considerations for implementation. Assessment frameworks are provided to maximise the benefits of greenery, whilst minimising disservices associated with poor planning, execution or maintenance of greenery or greenery systems. Simple exercises and online resources are provided to illustrate how concepts from this book can be applied in practice. This textbook is essential reading for anyone interested in urban greenery and how it can make a tangible positive impact on our built environment: from students in the architecture, landscape architecture and building construction disciplines, to urban planners, building owners, designers and facility managers who wish to make more informed choices when incorporating greenery into the urban environment during the planning, design, construction and maintenance stages.

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